Facebook and Other Social Media Can and Have Broken Many Good Marriages…

  • He private messaged me on Facebook and asked if he could call…

In the year of 1972, I was a selfish, self-centered young woman. I married with a flippant  worldly attitude. If it doesn’t work out, we can always get a divorce. But, I did take my marriage vows seriously. I was blessed with a good man and thanked God for him everyday.

I grew up in a very strict, legalistic and conservative church where the firm foundation of Jesus Christ was taught. I was saved at an early age but didn’t always live according to how I was brought up. I rebelled in my teens, dropped out of church. I was in my late twenties when I came back to Christ. I was in my thirties, when I realized how sacred marriage really is.  I took divorce out of my vocabulary. Marriage is the most sacred and beautiful relationship between a man and woman. If you are not watchful and diligent to keep your marriage together, satan will get in and raise havoc and tear it apart.

We had our share of ups and downs but made a good strong marriage through it all. I devoted myself to be a good wife, mother, daughter and DIL Etc. Then I started listening to the voices of satan…

I did not realize how weak I had become and was not prepared in a worldly sense to the ways of men using social media sites to sniff out weak- minded women. They know how to recognize a woman at a weak time in her life and will take advantage.

In the year of 2009, I joined Facebook. I had been in a Beth Moore bible study and she said her daughter signed her up. So in my thinking, if Beth Moore is on it, then it must be ok.

After a month or two of gaining new friends and re-connecting with old friends; I received a private message from a man who was married. We had gone to school together. The message was about how concerned he was for me blah, blah, blah. He asked if he could call me. (I was very vulnerable because of some things I was going through and it touched me that someone cared for me because I wasn’t feeling very loved by my husband, children or family)…which wasn’t true and that’s another story anyway.

After a couple days of hesitation and wrestling in my spirit, should I or should I not let him call me and knowing I should tell my husband first but didn’t;  I said yes. Even though I knew his background and knew he had done this before but thought he had changed by the way he talked. He asked me to pray for his wife… I did not know, this one little request,  would eventually lead to an emotional affair of entanglements with phone calls and text everyday. And with a married man who had motives… Ladies, be careful who you allow into your life.

Satan convinced me it is ok because other Christian women have men friends they talk on the phone with,  who are not their husband. My husband deserved the respect and courtesy of talking to him first about this… instead, I reasoned that it was ok because we knew one another in school and I knew his family. So, what harm could it do?

Ladies, that was my first mistake: three years later I’m holding my divorce papers in my hands; grieving and lamenting over what I had done. My husband and I were married just shy of two months from 40 years. I broke my marriage covenant vows and humiliated the name of Christ. I walked in shame for years and carried a heavy burden of guilt around. The loss of my marriage sent me down a dark hole of death, sadness and despair.  I prayed for God to restore my marriage. I ask my husband to come back home. He touched my hand and sadly said, “it’s been too long”.  His eyes seemed to say, “if I could, I would. Please try to understand”. For months I laid on my couch crying out to God to forgive me. And Of course, my counselor told me I have to forgive myself.

One night I had a dream, my husband came to the French doors and knocked. I was laying on my couch and could see him through the window panes on the doors. In his arms were five empty jars. I asked, “why did you bring me empty jars? I have plenty of empty jars”! At that time I awoke and did not think about the dream until…the next morning, I went to my usual spot on the couch to pray and beg God’s forgiveness and to restore my marriage, as I had done everyday for months. As I ask God’s forgiveness again, it was at that very moment, God brought to my mind the dream about the empty jars. In my spirit, He said, “you are forgiven, those jars are empty, your sins are gone, never to be remembered again”.  I gasped, and held my hand over my heart as I remembered that dream! I cried out to God thanking him for forgiveness! God took my life from the depths of that dark hole I had fallen into and breathe new life into me.

Through all the trials and tribulations, hurts and pain, my faith is stronger. My life has changed direction but, no matter what life throws at me and how I respond to it, God can change it for His glory.

My life has been restored through God’s love and faithfulness and yours can be too. Whether you are going through a divorce or have gone through it. Even at your lowest, even when everyone shuns you, even when you feel you haven’t a friend left in this world. Hang on to the only secure foundation Jesus Christ. What a friend we have in Jesus!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Rita K. Pritchard




My Make-Up Bag

Do you ever go through your make-up bag and discover you have a collection of different products? Some you hardly ever use, if at all, and others you use daily. I find something I like and stick with it. I will list the products I like because they work with my budget and they really do what they say.

Perfume- White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. I’ve gotten more compliments with this perfume, than any I’ve ever worn.

Eye Shadows- Elf eye shadows. I accidentally discovered this line when they were selling out for .50 cents.

Elf Liquid Blush- this gives my cheeks a healthy glow. I love it!

Mascara- Maybellinr- the Colossal Volum Express in the yellow tube. This makes my real lashes so long!

Skin Care- Estée Lauder. I love the Resilient Lift Creme.

Lipstick- 24 Hour Color Maybelline, and Revlon Color Stay Overtime

I also use Vaseline for a quick moisturizer for face and body.

That’s about it. I’m going to be trying more of the Elf line of products soon.

Thank you for reading my blog.

until next time,

Rita Pritchard


Following The Highway 377 Trail. Part III

Junction, Texas on Highway 377, is a small town in the Hill Country. There’s a beautiful courthouse and little shops and businesses around the square. On one of the side streets is a retro movie theater. Doesn’t look like it’s in use. In front of a meat processing plant is a unique deerhorn tree. This is what stands out in my mind when I think of Junction.

Traveling on down highway 377 leaving Junction we will go through many little towns that are boarded up with buildings falling down. Attached are a few pictures of some places and things on this route.

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Rita Pritchard

Following the Trail of Highway 377 Part II

Traveling north on Highway 377, going to Junction,  Right before the second crossing of the South Llano River, on the right is the Evergreen School building in Kimble County. There isn’t any information on the internet about this school. Probably need to go to the library to research. The building and grounds look well cared for.

Crossing rivers and creeks: Cajac Creek, Bailey Creek, Joy Creek, South Llano River, Crisp Creek. Then there’s the South Llano State Park. It’s located five miles going south on US 377 out of Junction. The country is beautiful!

The Outlaws of Pegleg Station historical marker is located on the south side of Junction. Outlaw gangs had a hideout called, “the roost”. Stagecoaches and travelers were not safe traveling thru the area. The outlaws robbed and killed. On January 18, 1878; Texas Rangers killed suspected murderer Dick Dublin, a member of the outlaws gang. Five others were captured and convicted of the 1877 robbery of the U.S. Mail of Pegleg Station on August 24, 1880.

As I drive towards Junction, I will stop to read the historical markers. The Bradbury Settlement is one and its on the outskirts of Juntion in the cemetery.

Another interesting marker right outside Junction is about a young boy, Isaac Koontz, age 16, killed by Indians. He was herding sheep for his father. There are weathered stone steps going up to a monument on this spot. I believe the inscription on the monument has these words, “So far from heaven”. This would make a good song!

Then there’s the Four Mile Dam Historical Marker. It was built under an 1896 charter and served the city of Junction as well as farmers and ranchers.

We will continue on down the trail for part 3 next month. Thank you for reading my blog!




Following Hwy.377 Trails Part I

Early one morning I left the Ranch and drove north on Highway 377 when it happened…

The blogging bug got ahold of me! I knew I had to write about this route. This could turn into a 4 or 5 part series.

Highway 377 is a two-lane highway with historical markers, ranches, farms, rivers, creeks, mountains, valleys, and ghost towns. Also a haunted hotel. Littered along the way are deserted and dilapidated, run down mom and pop gas stations, motels, and eateries. There are closed down one room school houses along this trail. Highway 377 goes from Oklahoma all the way to the border of Old Mexico.

This little stretch I’m going to write about is about 150 miles or so. It starts at Rocksprings all the way to Brownwood, Texas.

Rocksprings sits on top of Edwards Plateau in Edwards County. It’s a quaint little town. There’s a haunted hotel on the square. It is still in use today. Coming from Rocksprings driving north on Highway 377 about 10 or so miles out is the Devil’s Sinkhole. I don’t know much about it but,  I’m imagining “a little bitty Grand Canyon”. This is on my bucket list of things to see!

As I was leaving The ranch on this cool morning it was still dark. I couldn’t see past the glow from my pickup lights. But, as I topped one of the many hills and mountains along this trail, swarming before me were BATS in my headlights! They darted and dove around! Right there at “Scenic Overlook”.  I slowed down to about 20 mph to get a better look. Looking up into the dark sky barely kissed by the dawn, I was awed to see so many bats. But then I saw something else…the STARS were as bright as diamonds and so many! Awesome!

Scenic Overlook is a place to pull off the long, winding and steep mountain road to get a better look at the beauty below.  You can see the South Llano River winding through the mountains and valley. Driving through the mountains on this part of the journey, reminds me of Big Bend National Park.

On this route are many ranches. One in particular is, 700 Springs Ranch. This is before you reach Junction. This ranch is about 13,000 acres in the Heart of Texas Hill Country. It has about 5 miles of the South Llano River running through it. There are lodging facilities, fishing, hunting, and enjoying the 700 springs. This is on my bucket lists of things to see.

Dawn is just breaking over the mountains when I drive into Telegraph, Texas. It’s a ghost town now but used to be the hub of activity back in the day. It’s a Kimball County landmark. There’s a historical marker in front of the store and post office, built about 1890 – 1900. The town got it’s name from, (and I quote), “a nearby canyon from which trees were cut for telegraph poles in the mid 19th century”.

A man I met said his grandfather carried the mail once a week for many years and Telegraph was one of his stops. As a boy, He rode with his grandfather on his mail route. When they stopped at Telegraph, his grandfather bought his grandson a coke and candy or something.

Stay with me for Part II next month and hear about the closed one room school houses and the outlaws of Pegleg Station as we continue our journey on Highway 377!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Rita Pritchard

Esperanza Farmhouse







Painting Sticks ‘N’ Bones

“Sticks ‘n’ stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

You’ve all heard this statement I’m sure.

As I’ve been painting deer skulls, and sticks I’ve picked up in the wild, this phrase has been running through my head. This is how the title to this blog came about. Only changed the word stones to bones.

Staying out here on a ranch , I have many opportunities to use natural items found on the place. My creativity runs wild.

Some say I’m an artist. I say I’m just a crafty sort of artist. If it has something to do with making crafts, that’s the kind of artist I am.

Sticks ‘n’ bones will not hurt me but words can, have and will. Whoever made that phrase up about words never hurting didn’t know what they were talking about. Words do hurt. We all know the tongue can start many fires with rumors, gossip and lies. I feel I’ve been trying to put out too many fires these past few years. I have finally given up. People will believe what they want about me. It doesn’t matter if they’ve known me all their lives and know the kind of person I really am. One stranger can come in and tell lies and tear the family apart. My heart is broken over it but I will survive. I’ve given it over to the one who loves me and looks after me, My Father God. My fire fighting days are over…

I have found peace and contentment in my heart as I create something different from its original state. Painting has become a great pastime for me. As we drive around the ranch, my eye is constantly looking for sticks or rocks, feathers or bones, anything that I can make into something beautiful… As the saying goes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I can make something beautiful out of sticks ‘n’ bones!  And even stones!😀❤️💋